MFB Fertility Product Development

The Pearl Fertility App

MFB Fertility is partnering with Colorimetrix GmbH to incorporate Ovulation Double Check® tests into their Smart fertility tracking app. The fertility monitoring system will use urine FSH, LH, and PdG test results to predict and confirm ovulation for a easy and convenient way to monitor the entire ovulation cycle at home. An IRB-approved study to evaluate the effectiveness of this system is planned to start December 2017.


Is defined as the profiling of hormones that control ovum growth, maturation, & fetal development. Currently, Ovanomic analysis can only be performed in a clinical setting. MFB Fertility is developing a way to bring this technology to women to use at home.

Hormone HELP Monitor

This patent-pending hormone monitoring system would allow women to obtain clinically accurate quantitation of the 4 main hormones that fluctuate during the menstrual cycle. Testing is completed in less than 10 minutes and does not require sending samples to a lab. Results can then be securely transmitted to the healthcare professional of their choice.

Proposed uses for HELP Monitor

  • Monitoring of Ovulation Stimulation (Including ART)
  • Diagnosis of ovulatory dysfunction (anovulation, PCOS)
  • Fertility Awareness Monitoring for general health

The hormone help monitor is expected to be commercially available late 2018.

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