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Accuracy and Clinical Research

The accuracy of Ovulation Double Check® Tests have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality product. In doing so, we tested Ovulation Double Check tests in laboratories, in clinics, and in homes of typical users.

Laboratory testing

In laboratory testing, Ovulation Double Check tests are 99% accurate at detecting progesterone metabolites (Pregnanediol) in urine.

Home Use Studies

Ovulation Double Check is an in vitro diagnostic device designed for self-testing in a home environment. Testing procedure involves home users collecting urine, performing the test, and reading the results without any formal education or training. Therefore, we performed studies to determine if our test could be performed and read correctly by normal women and in a typical home environment.

Home users were provided Ovulation Double Check® tests and asked to report their test results back to MFB Fertility. Users tracked ovulation via clinical signs such as cervical mucus, urine LH surge, and/or Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Users would self-report when they believed “peak” fertility had occurred. Ovulation Double Check® tests were taken both before and after “peak” fertility was detected. No users reported a positive Ovulation Double Check® test result before “peak” fertility. 92% of users reported seeing a positive Ovulation Double Check® test result after “peak” fertility was determined. The average time it took users to report a positive results was 3-6 days post “peak” fertility.

Clinical Research

The Ovulation Double Check® test is performed exactly like a pregnancy or ovulation predictor test. Collect urine in a cup, dip the test strip, wait 5 minutes, then read your results. Fast, simple, and more cost effective than blood draws.

Several more clinical studies are planned for 2018. We look forward to collecting more data and improving the test as needed. We are always looking for study participants. Please contact us at info@mfbfertility.com if you’re interested in joining our next study.

Research Publications validating the use of PdG as an accurate way to measure progesterone during ovulation, infertility detection and early pregnancy monitoring.

MFB Fertility was founded by scientists, scientists dedicated to empowering women to take control of their fertility. Before we developed the Ovulation Double Check (urine progesterone test) we did a complete survey of all current research studies in order to develop the most accurate product. Below are some of the most important studies on PdG that were used to develop Ovulation Double Check test and set its threshold value.


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