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About MFB Fertility, Inc.

This company was formed due to the frustration experienced when trying to conceive a child. It took both founders several years to have a baby. We are forever grateful for the chance to be parents to our wonderful children and wanted to help others avoid some of the heartache we experienced when trying to conceive.

Amy knew that the best way increase her chances of getting pregnant was to pinpoint exactly when she ovulated. She used all the tools available to her to determine when she ovulated, including, checking basal body temperatures, doing ovulation predictor kits twice a day, and checking cervical mucus. The problem was, these indicators always gave her mixed results and she wasn’t ever sure she ovulated.

As a trained biologist armed with a solid background in hormone signaling, Amy knew there had to be a better way to track ovulation! Amy quickly learned that she was not alone. Many couples felt they could benefit from having better tests available for them to use at home. She contacted Christina and knew her expertise would be perfect for commercializing an in vitro diagnostic–she was in! It became our passion to try to develop tools that would help couples take better control of their fertility. Using well known science, we have developed the Ovulation Double Check® test that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. The test is based on the hormone cycling involved in the ovulation process.

Meet MFB Fertility, Inc.

Amy Beckley PhD

Amy Beckley PhD

Molecular Biologist with background in:

  • Hormone signaling
  • Vaccine development
  • Breast cancer progression
  • Infertility veteran
Christina Chamberlain JD/MBA

Christina Chamberlain JD/MBA

Intellectual property attorney with background in:

  • Patents, trademarks, copyrights
  • Organic chemistry
  • FDA compliance
  • Clinical trails
  • Infertility veteran
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